The current team. Direct all your hate and flaming here.

Aguirre - Audio Engineer, 3D and Cut Scene Artist, Writer, Public Relations

"I discovered the Fallout series kind of late. I first played Fallout 1 in the fall of 2007, and I found it outstanding. The game was doing everything I like in a video game the right way: the atmosphere, the scenario, the music, the isometric view, the gameplay mechanics, the craziness, and the post apocalyptic setting. I immediately wanted to know more about the game, about Black Isle Studios, and if there was a Fallout community. I soon found Generation Fallout (the French community) and NMA, and the treasure chest opened: the fallout bible, the restoration project, and the modding sub-forum. After long hours of reading, I had an overview of the modding projects in progress and knew who was who in the community.

I never imagined joining a modding team because I thought I had no skills useful to a modding project. Nevertheless, I tried my luck and applied to Mutants Rising for a video editor position early in 2011. I became a full member during the summer 2011. Since then, I've expanded my skills and learned a lot about 3D art, audio editing, and dialogue writing. Over the years, Mutants Rising became a complete new game in the fallout lore, so if you're like me and have the time and dedication, jump over to our forum. You'll meet friendly people who will help unlock your hidden talents and creativity."

Angry - Producer, Writer, Public Relations

"I've been a Fallout fan since the heyday, back in good old 1998. I actually played Fallout 2 before I played Fallout 1, which only made me appreciate Fallout 1 that much more. When Black Isle Studios died, I was a very sad panda. I thought the Fallout I loved, the turn-based game that used 2D Art, would die with it -- I was wrong.

I've lurked on the NMA forums for years. I think I applied to open an account years ago when you weren't allowed to use hotmail or gmail accounts, which made me a sad panda yet again. Thankfully those days are long gone, and I now post there as The Dude Next to Cabbot, although not as frequently as I'd like.

I joined MR just after the last newpost (January, 2013), which makes me a super newbie. That hasn't stopped me from being the main writer behind Las Vegas, however, nor has it stopped me from becoming MR's new producer. Let's just say I know how to brown nose :)

Being MR's producer and writer lets me do two things I love -- help create a new Fallout game, the game which I love and grew up with, and put my otherwise (seemingly) useless Creative Writing degree to use. Two birds with one stone, right?"

Ardent - Project Leader, Lead Designer, Lead Scripter, Writer, MR's master-of-all-trades

"My relationship with Fallout is a long story of awe and unrealistic dreams of making my own total conversion mod. Well, one cold January morning AD 2009, I decided to make these dreams come true and started working on Ardent's F2 Mod. I had to learn basically every aspect of Fallout modding and was successful enough to publish a demo of my mod at No Mutants Allowed in December of that same year. This is about the time when my mental condition started to deteriorate.

Having the feeling of accomplishment, I offered to help out the poor souls at Mutants Rising who were complaining about low morale and lack of scripters. Well, they had no idea what a mistake it was to let me on the team!

I slowly wormed my way up from a mere scripter to a mere project coordinator. While Chris is the front man of the project, enjoying tree shade, hot girls and refreshing drinks served in coconut casings on the Isle of Wight (the Isle of Wight = British "Hawaii"), I get to boss people around, pester them about unfinished assignments and deny them marshmallows. I also enforce my design ideas mercilessly and generally make everyone on the team miserable. Surely, the project would have long been in your hands, if it weren't for my involvement."

CP - Honorary Project Leader, Designer, Scripter, Writer, Captain of the Old Guard

"My modding career began during a period of illness where curiosity got the better of me. After completing mods for the EPA and primitive tribe, I had a reasonable idea on what was needed to complete a Fallout mod. Heavily modified versions of these made it into Killap's Fallout Restoration mod. I subsequently moved on to a mod called the Cold hearts with Dude101, a mod based around a group of thieves and vagabonds that set up in the caves around Modoc. While it was not well-received by some, it was an enjoyable project. After the original MR team closed the project, I enquired about their assets for use in my own work, and somehow I ended up reviving the team -- to this day I do not know how this happened.

For a long time, I was the lead coordinator, designer, mapper, and only scripter, and also put my hand toward writing and artwork; basically anything that was needed at the time. In recent years I have stepped back as ardent has taken control of the project. I am still involved in the project to a certain degree -- the team can't get rid of me that easily.

I am currently preparing to write my PhD thesis, which leaves me little time for anything but eating and sleeping. Given time (and energy), my modding efforts will likely increase."

Joosep "Equilerex" Kõivistik - 3DArtist, Webmaster (

Unfortunately for the past couple of years, my contribution has been almost zero due to lots of work and other hobbies... but i so keep on lurking around the development forums every week :)

"Ive always loved fallout -- the art style, the gameplay, the music... it's a magnificent piece of art.Once I learned enough to be of use, i joined the MR family and started making lots of 3d/in-game scenery, load screens, and other graphic related work. Working on MR has been great. I advanced my skills in 3D far beyond what I started with, and in the end this little hobby even opened the doors for some full time positions. I also designed, coded, and hosted the current website and forums ;)

Jinx - Lead Writer, Game Designer

"I'm a pretty average guy that's managed to get hooked on writing, and post-apocalyptic themed settings filled with violence, dark humor, and crazy stuff. I joined the team on a fluke when I stumbled across the new MR site and saw that they needed competent writers. I was in a pretty dull spot in real life, so combining two of my biggest interests (Writing and Fallout) was a no-brainer. When not gibbering across the threads, I write dialogue, quests, and NPC's... and keep an eye out for the mole people..."

.Pixote - Lead Mapper, 2D/3D Artist Extraordinaire

Some might call Pixote a man of few words, seeing as how he made Angry write his biography for him -- this is not the case. Pixote is a man of action! If Mutants Rising was a building, Pixote would be the architect. All you see and touch in game, Pixote put there. If Mutants Rising was the world, Pixote would be God -- well, sort of. He'd be the God who put everything there and then waited -- sometimes for months at a time -- for the other God (ardent) to make it all work.

Pixote makes Fallout look good, so good that members of Black Isle would be turning in their graves (if they were dead) knowing that they didn't hire him for the originals. You might know Pixote from Killap's RP Project. He brought that same leetness, that same attention to detail, to MR, and we -- his fellow team members -- absolutely love him for it.

Cheers to the mighty Pixote!

Skye Sken - Game Designer, 2D Artist, Writer (

"I've played Fallout since it came out. I was probably twelve years old, and the whole game blew my mind. Now that I think hard about it, some stuff I've learned from the games have defined who I am today. I'm an industrial designer who likes to do digital art, and I dream I will one day write and illustrate post-apocalyptic images for graphic magazines, games, books, and other medias.

Having heard of Mutants Rising, I tried the old demo out of curiosity and found it buggy and somewhat amiss (that's how demos frequently are). I dismissed the project for awhile, but then I came upon ardent's mod and instantly fell in love with it. Good lord, that awesome storyline! Since ardent had transferred to working on MR, and the project just didn't seem to get finished (now I know why-- it takes immense amounts of time), I decided to offer a helping hand and see if an artist was needed. After worming my way into the inner circle with artistic endowments, I was in a perfect position to become part of MR's writing team.

I suppose my contribution, along with the handful of ending screen art pieces, will be with witty dialogue full of rich branching for everyone's favored playing style. I hope you play this mod once it gets finished! It looks so utterly awesome from the inside, and I'm so very much out of words here."

Tom "Dude101" Duke - Public Relations, Writer, our invaluable link to NMA

"I found Fallout by accident, and immediately fell in love with it. After lurking the NMA modding forums for years and obsessively following the development of the community, I joined up to harass the modders into actually making something (hehe). Chris Parks (CP) picked up on a spam post I made about a thieves guild (Cold Hearts mod), and the rest is history.

Being useless at anything other than writing, I spend a lot of time compiling modding information on the modding wiki (my pet project), which I stole from Ausir. I also try to bring Russian mods to the English community through Team MIB, and we have achieved a lot. I personally believe I am a shining example of what useless noobs can achieve if they put their minds to it."


Many of you may recognize TorontRayne from NMA, where he is very active on the forums. It wasn't until January 2013 when TorontRayne decided to apply to MR after seeing their New Year's newspost.

TorontRayne has been a hardcore Fallout fan since the original, and it's always been a dream of his to be a part of a Fallout mod. He joined NMA in 2005 and The Order in 2012, which ultimately led him to Mutants Rising, where -- in the face of real life obstacles -- he has managed to produce a steady stream of dialogues, mostly for Las Vegas.


Lovely lads and lasses whose contributions to MR have been invaluable over the years.

Altrawave7 - Mapper
Cunningandvalor - Voice actor (narrator, Zachariah Mullen, Kahgan)
Dravean - Voice actor (Cassidy)
Drobovik - Voice actor (Murray Forks)
Eimink - Sound, Music
Gaspard - 2D art, Writer
Geger - Mapper, Public Relations
Lexx - Game Design Consultant
RaidenTheBird - Voice actor (Terrance, GAX)
Slunk3AM - Music
Stampedo - 2D art
Voytek "public" Pavlik - Ambient Tracks (


Former Team Members that have gone off to do bigger and better things, but whose return we hope and look forward to.

Animalize - Mapper
Continuum - Artist
Ghouly89 - Writer
Sharae - Artist
SNorth - Writer, Game Designer
Whatever - Writer
Wild_Qwerty - Artist, Writer, Game Designer, Jack-of-all-trades


- The admin guys at No Mutants Allowed for hosting our forum when were on the move (which is most of the time), and for their continued support of MR since we returned from the grave.

- Jesterka and the BGE team for their help with artwork when we didn't have any artists.

- The Fan-made Fallout team for their friendly rivalry. We wouldn't have been half as determined to succeed without their help.

- Hawk-Eye and the Fallout Generation site for all their promotional efforts, and for translating our 2011 demo into French.


Special thanks to all our contributors and team members in the past who have gone the way of the wooly mammoth. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute you and all you've done for MR. We hope you return from extinction one day and scold us for putting you on this list. *salutes*

ColJack - original team leader

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