Interested in Helping?

So, you've seen the demo. You've seen the screenshots and read about the mod as a whole. Do you like what you see? If yes, then maybe you'd like to be on the other side of the fence and help out with the production of the mod.

What do we expect?

The bottom line is simple. We expect a contribution. Whether it is twenty in depth dialogue trees or one piece of artwork. We don't mind how much you do towards the project, only that you do something. All of our members have other commitments other than fallout and cannot do something every single day, but by contributing regularly, we have been able to push forward with the mod

Who are we looking for?

Almost anybody that's willing to help somehow. 2D / 3D artists, writers, script guys, film makers, etc. if you think you have the skills to advance the mod, make a thread where you show your previous work, say a few words about yourself and why you'd like to work on the mod.

How to apply.

Head over to our forum and make an application in the recruitment section.

DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%