Jul 15, 2009

Just another update.

Category: General
Posted by: equilerex

The last month or so has seen a flurry of activity on and off the forum. A whole town has been completed, Las Vegas, since our last press release and now we are within sight of the finish line. Only one and a half towns are left to be scripted and then we have a completed build to test.

We welcome to the team, HV, an ex FMF member who is working on the scripting of COTC before moving on to other areas of the game. Hopefully his ability will lighten the load on me as we run down the home stretch.

- Chris Parks, team leader.


In the meantime, here's a little scenelet from the game to tempt your appetites:

The stranger had walked into the sleepy town of Wendover just three days before, mud clinging to his boots and sand caking his lone pistol. His time in the town had been intersting to say the least. Supplies were purchased from a gun shop to the left of the town entrance. stocking up his resources. Even though the store was well stocked, it had a pitiful supply in comparison to what he actually needed.

He spent his nights in the brothel mostly, getting to "know" the local ladies. In his short time in Wendover, his name was etched into its history.

After leading an attack on the brothel to liberate the prostitutes he was told were trapped there, he brought together the town to fight against the impending mutant attack. The combined efforts of the whole town ensured that most people survived. In the carnage that followed, the evil doings of the Normans was atoned for to an extent. I just hope that nobody else takes their place.

How different things could have been if the stranger had not united us. Maybe we would not have survived.

I know little else of his business in the town. Some say that he had doings with the airfield guys, but I never knew about it. He left shortly after the mutant attack.

Me, I am done for this world. I hope that the next offers me some comfort that this one hasn't.

- Account of Rus, doomed survivor of the mutant attack.

DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%