Jan 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

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Posted by: equilerex

Happy New Year, everyone!

This is just a short update to tell you we’re still alive.

A couple of weeks ago we promised a big update with lots of content and good news to share. Unfortunately, delays happen, so we decided to post a short update now and reserve the good stuff for when it’s ready.

So, what happened at MR in the past 9 months? 

We were working a lot on area and gameplay designs. As you may know, MR lost most of its documentation in a server fire in 2009, and this lack of specific designs was hampering our progress. As new people joined, we realized the need for detailed design documents, to make sure everyone was making the same game. We have since written several hundred pages of material, and we’re nearly finished. The bulk of the writing took place throughout 2012 and we believe we now have a solid idea of where we are in the development process.

The project has had its usual ups and downs. We experienced a number of personnel changes, with people both leaving and joining, and even old members re-joining the team, such as Slunk3AM, the author of several music pieces for MR, and Demostrike, who will help us out with scripting. 
Many of our members had to deal with real life issues and this always reflects (usually negatively) on the regularity and pace of production. But even though some content may be delayed compared to our predictions and wishes, we’re still on track and have made good progress, as evidenced by our progress bars.

We are still recruiting – presently, we could especially use new mappers and as usual – writers. All we expect from recruits is dedication and regularity, coupled with some expertise in the things they’re going to do, such as knowledge of the Mapper tool and rudimentary level design skills for map builders and good grammar, spelling and style for writers. In return we can only offer the fun of creation, the conviviality of the team, and everlasting fame and glory when the mod is finished ;) To all interested, please drop by our forums and leave a message in the Recruitment section.

To wrap up this short update, let us share with you a glimpse into the town of Wendover. This location received a thorough re-design and is now being scripted. The video shows the first effects of this work, although do have in mind that it is work in progress and things will look better and more polished in the final game.

DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%