Mar 25, 2012

Gallery Revamp

Category: General
Posted by: equilerex

Our Christmas demo turned out to be a huge success (for a Fallout 2 mod), having received a lot of kind attention from the community and well over 1000 downloads in the past quarter of the year. We also got a lot of praise as a team, for which we are very grateful. But the moment of relishing in our *cough* worldwide celebrity *cough-chuckle* has passed and now we're back in the workshop again. In the first months following the release of the demo, we decided to focus on precising and freezing the design element of the mod. This will not only enable us to better assess the time and resources needed to complete the game, but will also help us make sure every element of the plot comes together and ties in nicely with one another.
We have also made significant progress in the art department, mainly thanks to the impressive works of Stampedo who churned out about a dozen ending screens within a week. To provide you with a proper dose of classic Fallout eyecandy, we did a major tidying up of our website's Gallery, removing all the old screenshots that did a very poor job of showcasing the current shape of the project. Note that all of the new screenshots in the gallery have been taken during one continuous playthrough of the mod. To top it, we have added some cinematic/end-game illustrations and some concept art.

-Head to the gallery to see all the new eyecandy-

We are also happy to introduce our new members: BBmultipass, a scripter known for his involvement with the Fallhope project, and Gaspard whose tasks include proofreading, writing and providing more artworks for the game. We are always looking for recruits and will be very happy to take on hard-working writers, a talking heads 3D artist and an experienced mapper.

DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%