Dec 25, 2011

Demo now Available!

Category: General
Posted by: equilerex
As promised, the new demo of Mutants Rising is live now!

The demo comprises the complete first location of the game, with all of its quests and characters. It also includes several of the new game features we introduced, most notably the overhauled healing system. We hope the demo will give you a good taste of what the mod is going to look like in the end, and that you will like it.

To get your hands on the demo, you can either download the Smart Installer version, or the Manual Install pack:

* Smart Installer - Download the file on your hard drive and double click on it. When the Installer window appears, choose "Install" and follow the instructions on screen.

* Manual Install - If the Installer doesn't work for you for some reason, or if you're already familiar with installing Fallout 2 mods, you can try the Manual Install. Download the ZIP file into your Fallout 2 installation directory and unpack it there. A new folder should appear, named "MutantsRising". Go inside it and read the readme for the remaining installation details.

We're anxious to have your opinions, so make sure to check out our forums and leave comments. Should you find any bugs or have any questions, please post them in their respsctive threads on the forum too. Have a good time with Mutants Rising!

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