Sep 23, 2010

September Status Update

As the seasons come and go, so does Mutants Rising continue upon its bleak, harsh and somewhat epic journey towards completion. Many men have fallen on this horrendous journey. A few determined souls remain.

The last few weeks have seen a significant amount of progress. The last area of the game (not the last town to be completed - but the last area of the game) has been completed and submitted for testing and a further town has also been revisited, completed and is being tested.

Latest additions include new creatures, many new scenery objects , two new fully talking heads and around 60 new scripts. (roughly - who keeps an exact count?)

In light of recent events, we bring you a little insight into the game in lieu of any art pics....

On a cold night, you happen upon an army base, shrouded in darkness and little movement. It's almost ghost like appearance does nothing to dampen your intrigue over what secrets lie within.

A gruff looking gate guard takes you inside and introduces you to Sergeant Weathers, a bald and grizzled character who heavily favours his left leg. Though he doesn't seem at all pleased to see you... there is a fire in his eyes.

Days of training follow and further days of seemingly pointless tasks. Then, and only then do you gain access to the Brotherhood of Steel.

During your stay, you do many things and meet many new people. There'll be fights...

image gon :( baad imageshack!

And maybe some more fights...

 image gon :( baad imageshack!


But which will yield the best rewards?

Will you escape with your life? Better armour? Some secret new technology found nowhere else? Maybe a new friend or two?

And what of the outsiders living in the slums under the protecting hand of the Brotherhood. Why are they dying all of a sudden?

FInd out these things and much more when oyou play Mutants Rising and enter Cedar City!


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and a little easter egg for those clicking around (courtesy of your webmaster ^^)

DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%