Apr 20, 2009

April Press Release

Category: General
Posted by: equilerex
It has been some time since we released any information about the mod, so we thought it was time we brought the public up to date with everything.

Let's get the bad news over with first. Due to circumstances beyond our control (server catching fire) we have lost our development forum and some of our key background material. We are currently trying to recover the lost data and forum but this is likely to take some time. We do want to assure everyone that this will not hinder development in the long term and no actual game data from the current version was lost.

Secondly, our main (and only!) mapper has had to leave us temporarily to join the army. he has helped tremendously with the mod and has single handedly made maps for at least five towns in short time. We wish him well and eagerly await his return.

On the more positive side of things, work has been progressing well on the mod and now only three towns out of 11 need completing. Of these, two have their maps ready and one has a complete set of dialogues ready to be scripted (Oh the joy...) Once these towns are completed, the hard work of tidying up the game and checking for errors will begin.

Continuum and equilerex have been working hard making new artwork to shock the community with and we have ensured that each new town has something special to shock you all with.

On the scripting side, things have really slowed to a crawl unfortunately. I'm the only scripter and as such everything from scripting to installing new art, maps, sound etc is on my shoulders. I have been very busy at university this year and have pressing family commitments so little time to mod fallout. However, scripting is still infinitely quicker than completing all the dialogues so things will pick up at the end of term.

At this hard time, we also extend our sympathy to the late FMF team. It is such a shame to have lost our rival team and to show our appreciation for all the effort they put into fallout, the team has decided to put City on the Coast, a self contained area, into Mutants Rising to ensure all their work has not been in vain.

As always, we would welcome any new members to help with the final push on the mod. Anybody interested should contact myself or Dude101.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Until next time. Keep playing fallout.

Chris Parks



DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%