Apr 27, 2008

April press release

Category: General
Posted by: equilerex
"When mutants kill and destroy all that matters in your life---What can you do? As the last hope of a dead town will you seek justice for the dead and help for the survivors? Or will you lose your way in this big nasty world that's waiting for you? Can anyone, for that matter, good or evil, survive for long in a world where most problems are solved at the end of a knife or with a burst of gunfire?"

Several years ago you were discovered outside the gates of Elko. You were an orphan, 11 maybe 12 years old. Nobody knew where you had come from, not even yourself. The people of Elko, in general, are a kind people, although they tend to be suspicious of strangers. Only one man had the compassion to take you into his home - Cassidy. Cassidy himself arrived in Elko only a few years earlier. Through hard work and generous behavior he earned the respect of Elko's citizens and is now an important part of their family.

After a viscious attack by a group of savage mutants, you flee with the survivors of the town to a small bunker. A few straggling mutants follow you, which you bravely fight off. Once the battle is over, cassidy suffers a heart attack and is in a critical condition soon afterwards.

The game progresses from there with three main objectives: Find a cure for Cassidy, discover why the mutants attacked Elko and some of the surrounding towns and discover who your real parents were.

As with Fallout 2, the mod can be completed in many different ways. Combat can be both embraced and avoided depending on how you want to play the mod. Developing skills that are seldom used may yield rewards later in the game.


DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%