Jun 9, 2010

June Status Update

Category: General
Posted by: equilerex
So... it's almost the end of quarter two and we haven't finished making our precious baby. (shocked?) We could release the game as is, but we understand that the Fallout community has high standards, and we do not wish to disappoint you all. Ardent who is famed for his excellent mod (at least among us modders) joined us earlier in the year and has been systematically ripping apart our work and putting it back together in a shinier form for your pleasure. A different perspective on things has been refreshing, and considering the core team has consisted of a handful of people over the years, it was much needed. Chris Parks, our resident ubber modder unfortunately has a life (plus the problems that go with it), and as much as we would like to chain him up in a basement (fed on fish heads exclusively, of course), we can't do that.

We are working very hard to finish the scripting, and in the mean time our artists - Sharae, .Pixote. and Equilerex (who is safely back from the army) have produced some new artwork, most of which we prefer to keep under the blankets to have some surprises for you when the final build is released. Also, our writers, Jinx and Ghouly89, are working on new content for the expansion pack. We have been collaborating as a team to write a dialogue tutorial for FO modders and we hope that you will find this a positive reflection of the mod to come (Read it here). The modding community can expect more tutorials when we release the game and have the time to spend on them. We hope that new tutorials and the assets we will be releasing will encourage more modders to come out of hiding, as we have seen with the latest release of Killap's excellent project.

And we have some eye candy for you:


DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%