Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

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Posted by: equilerex
Mutants Rising has been alpha testing for the past month or so, and we are working to release a stable build. We would rather not release a piece of software with disappearing car trunks and random CTDs. Testing has already chewed up and spit out a couple of people.

Our sole scriptor and leader has not been well, and has had a few other RL issues, which has unfortunately lead to some delays, as well as other issues i.e. diminished team. We where hoping for a Christmas release, but did not want to set a public release date luckily enough. Hang in there though, as we have all the groundwork for a final release now, apart from a few maps which are being worked on right now. We still do not want to set an official release date as RL is an unpredictable thing, but MR should be in your hands in the first half of 2010.

Here are the new portraits of the pre-made characters. You may recognise one of two of them:

These are all by Neutralie who you can find on Deviant art

We are now working on the expansion pack for the project and some preliminary progress has been made, but it's completion depends on your opinion of the final release and the ingress of new blood into our team. Mutants Rising need you! We are now open to new writers joining our team for this.

We decided to release some of the Mutants Rising OST, in order to generate some more interest and hype for the project, but also decided not to release everything, as we don't want to spoil the atmosphere of your first play. The rest of the OST will be released with the main build. The Music is by Eimink, Slunk and Public:

These will also be appearing on our new ModDB profile if you have trouble with these DL links.

Thanks for your support

DESIGN: 100%



ART: 88%

Mapping: 74%